Team Communication

Sound Branch is a faster way for your team to communicate.

Your Voice

Discuss projects, share ideas and make decisions faster.

Private and Secure

Be discreet with our private groups and chat functionality.

Branded Voice Sites

Sound Branch can help you build your very own voice website to get you prepared for the voice search revolution.
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"Simply Amazing"

“We use Sound Branch for our internal team communication.
The app is easy to use and push notifications keep us updated on progress.”

Sean Gilligan

You can start a conversation on your desktop at work, listen further with your mobile phone in the car and finish off listening at home on your smart speaker.

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

It takes a conference call an average of 7 minutes to start in the USA.

Use Sound Branch Gatherings for just-in-time meetings.
Audio Slideshows with voice notes and photographs for presentations.
Alexa Skills and Google Actions for Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers.
AWS Cloud Hosted, hence scalable reliable and secure.
Build your own voice strategy with a branded voice website.
Sound Branch generates word cloud diagrams based on frequency of words used.
Combine your slides with voice notes to create compelling audio visual presentations.
No more time wasted scheduling a meeting.
Smart Speakers Sold
Voice Market Value
YoY Market Increase
Monthly Users

Team Communication

Join theVoiceFirst Revolution

Create your own branded voice site with Sound Branch today. Mobile Apps for iOS and Android meaning you can access on any device, anywhere. Sign up today free.


Sound Branch give your business a voice

Powerful Voice Search with your Voice on Sound Branch

Sound Branch is a VoiceFirst Social Network. All audio is transcribed to text which means you can do powerful voice search with your voice.

Sound Branch voice notes are recorded in 10 seconds and are called seeds. Once you create a seed other users can branch from your seed.

Two-way radios were a great solution in the past when smartphone devices didn’t exist. More and more businesses are replacing this way of communication with team communication apps, like Sound Branch.

For instance, with Sound Branch, you can create private groups of teams and all voice messages are saved on the cloud. What is even more exciting is that Sound Branch transcribes voice messages automatically. If you are in a meeting and cannot listen to an important voice message, you can simply read it as a text message. What is more convenient than this!

Recording conversations and analysing their content needs to be seen as a self improvement tool for employees, a quicker way to remember and administrate a business and a tool for management to make smarter decisions. Playing back audio can also bring clarity to conversations.

Managing many locations and having to train staff on the latest compliance and regulatory standards can be a challenge. Making communication and indeed learning more efficient and effective will not only benefit your employees and your customers but also you.

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