Candidates create audio CVs for playback by your hiring team.

Sentiment Analysis

Diversity and Inclusion

Listen and understand the audio CVs delivered by candidates with sentiment analysis artificial intelligence. Voice notes are richer than traditional email and text applications and less daunting than videos to engage with.

Audio helps eliminate bias in your recruitment process and promote diversity and inclusion.

Audio CV

Test communication skills

In certain careers such as customer service and sales the communication skills of a candidate are of most importance.

By frontloading your recruitment process and testing oral communication skills early on, you can save time in your hiring process.


Playback conversations

Hiring committees can playback conversations. This reduces the chances of miscommunication and speeds up hiring. All audio is transcribed to text reducing administration and enabling powerful search.


Audio testimonials

Chasing commercial references is difficult. Traditionally HR department and recruiters call referees. The process is reactive rather than proactive.

Audio references provide an authentic and verifiable way to validate hiring decisions.

Audio testimonials

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