Sound Branch is the easiest and most powerful way to start microcasting.


Microcasting is the New Way
to Build an Audience

People don’t always have the time or the attention span for episodes that are very long, so going shorter and more impactful is always better. Consumers are buying smart speakers and the marketplace is extremely sparse.

This is a chance to build a very engaged audience of daily listeners very quickly before the general population has caught on and it gets crowded.


Record right from your PC
or smartphone

Sharing your voice is easier than ever. Record content right from your PC or smartphone using your device’s microphone. Of course, you can use external mics too.

Sound Branch’s no-editing-needed technology ensures your audio is ready in five minutes or less.


Use analytics across
all distribution

Get instant reports of where, when and who is listening to your microcasts on every platform you choose to share it. Sound Branch provides you with a powerful analytics tool that enables you to understand and grow your audience with ease.


Distribute on all major
podcasting platforms

Automatically created RSS feeds can be pushed out to Spotify, Google podcast and Apple podcast.

This gives you a worldwide audience for your podcasts.

Plays nicely with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Sound Branch microcasts can be played on mobile apps, web browsers and also smart speakers!
Listen to your flash briefings right from your Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.