Sound Branch makes it easy for you to speak to your audience and let them join in your conversation.

Re-purpose wasted time


You can’t check email and Slack when you are driving. People driving on the busy motorway don’t want the distraction of emails pinging in the car. However, lots of time spent in the car is dead time and can be spent more productively.

Spend your time wisely by listening to podcasts.

Flexible communication

Reduce Barriers to

Use podcasts to interact with your staff during their natural downtime, allow them to get the most information by letting them access it around their own schedule

Remote Podcasting

Record podcasts
anywhere, any time

Recording podcasts no longer means having to invite guests into a studio to interview them with expensive equipment. Use soundbranch to record remotely with guests to fit everyones schedule, using your phone or computer to create a podcast.

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