Sound Branch is the easiest and most powerful way to start podcasting.

Save time

Save at least 50% in
production time

Emerging short voice notes together. Just in time recording and when you make a mistake you simply re-record a short voice note.

There is no need to learn complicated highly technical software packages such as Adobe Audition or Audacity.

For each one hour of audio recorded you should spend twice as much time editing. By removing the need to edit you can reduce production time by at least 50%.

This opens up creating a podcast to a massive group of non-technical people who have something to say to the world.


No need to schedule calls
for interview

By creating playlists you can invite interviewees to answer a series of questions. Interviewees answer your questions by recording short voice notes.

Once the interview has been recorded you simply drag and drop the questions and answers into the appropriate positions on the playlist.

Playlists are then used to create each episode of your podcast.


Keeps listeners’

By regularly changing the voice on a podcast you can keep peoples attention. You can invite many people to your playlists ensuring diversity and inclusion in your podcasts.


Distribute on all major
podcasting platforms

Automatically created RSS feeds can be pushed out to Spotify, Google podcast and Apple podcast.

This gives you a worldwide audience for your podcasts.

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Audience Participation

Podcast are usually one way streamed or downloaded.

  • Create a social graph of you audience and allow them to have their say.
  • Select the best voice notes from you listeners to be included in future podcast episodes.
  • Improve the quality of your podcasts by listening to your listeners.