The 7 Second Meeting is Here

speed of sound in the workplace

Sound Branch: Grow your voice and shrink your inbox


Play whole branches for limitless feedback from your customers or team members.


Share your voice with your team and start an open line of communication.


Like what you hear? Let them know by liking the branch with a Sound Branch flower.


It’s fun and easy to join any conversation, who knows where it will take you.

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What is sound branch?

Drop meeting minutes for actual voices with the only app that gives you 7 seconds to get to the point.
7 seconds to speak your mind and say it with heart.

Record, broadcast and listen to a global audience - all in 7 second soundbites. Join the conversation or keep an ear to the ground for those who are saying what really matters - whether it be fellow team members, prospective customers or international movers and shakers.

With an innovative interface that allows everyone to easily have their say, Sound Branch offers a platform that grows the seed of one voice and branches it out into different communities.

  • many voices

    Make yourself heard

  • Seven Seconds

    Say it with meaning

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