The Sound Branch Story

Sean Gilligan is the Founder & CEO of a global company Webanywhere. He knew his sales team preferred to talk than type, but sending voice notes via WhatsApp on mobile apps seemed like the only way they could communicate while remote working. At work, his team used laptop computers and had to stay logged into a variety of systems and platforms as part of their daily routine. He wanted everything integrated into one place where he could easily communicate with all his employees, but couldn’t find anything that would allow him to do this effectively enough. Sean has offices in both the US and the UK, where he spends most of his time.

Connecting UK and US teams

As you might imagine, the need for real-time communication was a big challenge at Webanywhere. This was Sean’s first time working on such a large scale and he had no idea how to manage it all. Sean needed a different way of communicating with one another and sharing work across different platforms and locations.

Another challenge was making sure that everybody could access voice notes whenever they needed them. There were times when Sean would send voice notes via WhatsApp but then others would have trouble accessing them because they weren’t coming through on their computer or mobile device as expected. Sean knew that if he wanted everyone involved in voice note conversations, then he’d need something better than just using WhatsApp alone!

Sean knew his sales team preferred to talk than type

When Sean found out that his sales team preferred to talk than type, he knew his problem was a common one. He’d heard that WhatsApp voice notes were the answer to this problem—but when he tried them on mobile apps, it turned out that sending voice notes via WhatsApp on mobile apps didn’t work well at all.

Sending audio messages from your desktop computer with Sound Branch is so much better! You can easily send and receive voice notes from anywhere in the world without having to worry about switching devices or platforms. Plus, you can record up to 2 minutes of audio.

Voice Notes on Computers alongside Mobile Apps 

At work, his team was based in the UK and US. As part of their daily routine, they had to stay logged into a variety of systems and platforms as part of their daily routine. For example:

  • Google Workspace – it was used for communication between teams around the world;
  • CRM – this is where they kept all customer information and records;
  • Jira – this provided support for employees using new applications or having trouble with existing software.

When you need to send or receive voice notes on desktop computers, use Sound Branch

If you’re using a desktop computer or laptop, Sound Branch is the best way to send and receive voice notes.

Sound Branch is an online platform that makes it easy to send voice notes from any device. You can also use Sound Branch on your desktop computer or laptop—no matter whether it’s Windows or Mac OS! Sound Branch has several advantages over other methods of sending audio files:

  • It’s free to start with premium options
  • It works across all major operating systems with web, mobile apps, Alexa and Google Assistant
  • It’s fast and easy-to-use
  • All voice notes are transcribed and can be searched

I hope that by hearing Sean’s story, you can see how Sound Branch can help your team achieve more. If you have any questions about this article or anything else in the world of Sales or Customer Service, don’t hesitate to Sign Up Free for Sound Branch for Business.