Podcasting for business

Audio broadcasting has been around for decades, but the first podcast – an audio programme, usually part of a series, available to listen to or download over the internet – dates back to 2004. There are now thousands of podcasts available on every topic imaginable, from health and well-being to true crime, comedy and politics

As well as becoming one of the fastest-growing forms of digital entertainment, podcasts have also carved a niche for themselves as business marketing tools. So what are the benefits of podcasting for business, and how do you go about using podcasting to market your business? 

While we all watch videos or read blog posts, podcasts are often a much easier way of accessing information. After all, you can download podcasts to listen to offline, whenever and wherever you want – on your commute, at the gym, while you cook dinner or even in the bath!  As a result – and because we often listen to them through headphones – podcasts feel much more personal and intimate than other forms of digital media. This means there’s an instant connection between the presenter and the listener. Deliver interesting, engaging content week after week and your listeners will stay loyal to you. Podcasting is a unique opportunity for you to promote your brand, raise your profile, share your knowledge and develop long term relationships with prospective customers and influencers all around the world.

So how do you start a podcast for your business? There are four key steps.

Identify your audience and decide on the style and content

Who is your ideal listener? Once you know who your podcast is for, you can tailor the style and content to suit them. How many presenters will you have? Formal or informal? Will each episode focus on one key topic or will it be more magazine-like, with tips, Q&As and guest interviewees? Do you have existing content you can repurpose? 

Record and edit your podcast

You probably have everything you need to record your podcast in your pocket – a smartphone! You can record your podcast directly to your phone’s voice memo app, export it and edit it using software like Audacity. However, editing takes a long time, so perhaps the easiest way is to use an app like Sound Branch, which enables you to record your podcast in short segments, delete and re-record any sections, and drag and drop them into a playlist ready to export. 

Publish and distribute your podcast

We listen to podcasts through Apple, Google and Spotify, but how do you get yours out there? Your podcast needs to be uploaded to a podcast hosting platform, who will publish it online and also distribute it to all the major podcasting directories. If you use the Sound Branch app, your podcast can be pushed out to Spotify, iTunes, and a whole host of other podcasting sites quickly and easily. 

Promote your podcast

Publishing your podcast is only the start: you now need to find an audience for it. Here are a few tips to make sure your podcast reaches the right listeners:

  • Choose a strong title and create eye-catching imagery to make your podcast stand out 
  • Stick to a regular schedule so listeners know when to expect new episodes
  • Create engaging, interesting content to keep people coming back
  • Share your podcast in your newsletter, on social media and by word of mouth
  • Create a community of listeners you engage with and encourage them to tell their friends
  • Invite guest speakers and ask them to promote the podcast to their followers 

So now you know why podcasting is such a valuable marketing tool for your business, what are you waiting for?

Download Sound Branch and you could have your first podcast ready to go in just a few minutes!