Podcasting Made Easy with Sound Branch

Back in the 2000s few people could build and edit a website. You had to know HTML and often instruct a web design agency to build your site. Customers were charged per page built and change requests were also costly.

At the moment most people don’t create podcasts. Now I am not saying everyone who listens to podcasts want to create one but there a lot of excellent public speakers out there who don’t have the know how.

Whether it’s the recording equipment or the long winded editing process these are issues which put people off getting started. Just as people commission agencies to build web sites in the 2000s podcast production companies offer services for editing your podcast from adding jingles, hosting and distributing.

Nowadays, people use WordPress, Wix and Weebly to build websites with no technical skills. This has lead to a further explosion in the total number of websites on the internet.

At the time of writing there are 700,000 podcasts published. Podcasts are growing rapidly due to the rise of smart speakers, AirPods and voice search. Google is now indexing podcasts which means when a voice search is conducted podcasts will surface and will have greater importance than their text based equivalents.

If you want to get the attention of your customers and prospects now is the time to start a podcast as they become more discoverable. Advertising revenues are also now growing for the podcasting medium as people drop their screens for the convenience of voice. If your are in the car or at home quite often voice search is easier handsfree.

Start your first podcast on Sound Branch:

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Sound Branch puts you in control of your podcast creation with no complicated editing skills needed. If you can create a playlist on a music app you can also create a podcast using Sound Branch it’s that simple.