[Press Release] Bringing Voicemail into the 21st-century

Sound Branch a platform which re-imagines voicemail launches. Sound Branch can be accessed on any platform and any device including the web, mobile apps and smart speakers. Powerful voice search of voice messages is available.

Sean Gilligan founder of Sound Branch stated “Alongside short form voice messages which are transcribed into text sentiment analysis allows you to view the emotions of conversations which is a real game changer. Too often in the workplace people are glued to their email inboxes and send countless text messages. What Sound Branch offers is a richer form of communication and brings voicemail into the 21st-century.”

Having attended the Voice Summit in Newark New Jersey, ConverCon at Microsoft HQ in Dublin and having hosted a voice conference in London Sean feels that there is nothing like Sound Branch in the marketplace that offers a multimodal conversational experience.

Sean Gilligan went on to say “Our vision for Sound Branch is to allow every business to have its very own branded voice site and voice notes apps. This will allow brands and businesses to have deeper conversations with their customers, partners and employees. Companies need to wake up to the benefits of VoiceFirst technology which is frictionless and the fact that 50% of all internet search will be via the voice by 2020.”

The productivity gains using voice are obvious with all of us being able to speak four times faster than we can type. For business people on the go travelling all day voice messaging with hands-free access can remove dead time spent in cars to productive hours. Generally what happens when people use Sound Branch is conversations happen that wouldn’t otherwise occur. Voice messaging enables the transfer of knowledge between employees but also for smarter decision-making through conversational analytics.

Conversational data can be overlaid with CRM and financial data allowing executives to make better informed decisions. For example, when the board is reviewing the management accounts commentary can be given with voice messages.

Sean Gilligan explained where he thinks the market is going: “I think people are getting sick of email and text messages which don’t convey emotion therefore I think there will be a resurgence of voicemail in this new digital age. Once people realise that voicemail and voice messaging is simpler, quicker and faster they will start to switch. Already in China and places like Argentina voice messaging is very popular and I think this will come to the UK in the not so distant future.“

To learn more about Sound Branch simply visit soundbranch.com on the web. You can also visit the Apple App Store and Google play to download the Sound Branch mobile apps. Finally, Sound Branch is available via Alexa and Google assistant.

Sound Branch is part of Ventures Anywhere which is Sean Gilligan’s start-up vehicle exploring new innovations and new technologies. Sean Gilligan is an international tech entrepreneur based in Leeds in the UK with business interests in the United States of America and in Poland.

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