Google Home and Sound Branch

Sound Branch is making its way onto more voice-enabled devices. After its success with Amazon Alexa, they released a Google Assistant Action today.

The app will keep adding new commands to both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to enhance communication for its users.

Here’s how to use Sound Branch with your Google Assistant:

Step 1

Just type Sound Branch on the Google Assistant app.

You will be asked to link your Sound Branch account to Google. Tap ‘Yes’ and it’ll prompt you to type your Sound Branch login details.

Your Sound Branch account is now linked to Google!

Step 2

Now, you can use the four main Sound Branch commands to listen to your voice messages and voice notes.

Just say OK Google,

  • Ask Sound Branch to play inbox, or
  • Ask Sound Branch to play timeline, or
  • Ask Sound Branch to search “X”, or
  • Talk to Sound Branch

Step 3

Google Assistant will reply and ask you which clips you’d like it to play for you.


If you have any questions on how to use Sound Branch with your Google Assistant please do not hesitate to contact us at