Sound Branch Top Features

Sound Branch makes it easy for people to communicate from anywhere in the world, whenever it’s convenient for them.

Check out this infographic where we list the top features that make Sound Branch the best team communication app.

Sound Branch infographic

Sound Branch Top Features

  • Branded Voice Sites – 50% of all search will be voice by 2020
  • Audio Intranets – a richer communication experience for staff
  • Invite Only or Self Registration for new users
  • Private Groups for secure invite only conversations
  • One-to-One Chat – take conversations off-line
  • Audio Transcription to Text for powerful search including voice search of voice
  • Mobile Apps for iOS and Android meaning you can access on any device, anywhere
  • Audio Profiles and testimonials – gain credibility through spoken word reviews
  • Conversational Analytics for better decision-making – includes wordle diagrams based of frequency of words used and who has listen to what
  • Alexa Skills and Google Actions for Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers
  • Audio Slideshows with voice notes and photographs for presentations
  • Gatherings for just-in-time meetings so that every meeting starts on time and always has meeting minutes transcribed automatically
  • AWS Cloud Hosted hence scalable reliable and secure
  • Notifications – Instantly get notified of new voice messages

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Sean GilliganAuthor Bio

Sean Gilligan is a UK based entrepreneur and author of the book “Flexible”. Sean for the last 15 years has run Webanywhere in Chicago, Leeds and Katowice Poland. Sean is number 67 in the Worldwide Listing of Corporate Learning Movers & Shakers 2018. Sean is a bootstrapper and has not taken on outside capital to grow Webanywhere in 3 countries and has recently founded Ventures Anywhere his start up arm which includes Sound Branch.