Why Converting Your Blog Post to Audio Increases Your Content Marketing ROI

It’s difficult to read so many articles, blogs and news these days. There are moments in the day where you cannot sit down and read. This is why audio consumption has increased 75% in the past two years.

To meet this demand, you need to take your written blogs and convert them into audio. This will help you to increase your audio discoverability by posting clips to iTunes and Alexa. Your audio can be played in connected cars when people drive.

By giving people another way to access your content while on the go you will boost engagement and revenue.

Conversational analytics also give you insights as to what people are saying and who is listening to what. You can then ascertain what type of content people care about and what you should write more about.

We are at the beginning of the audio revolution! Contact us to learn more or visit soundbranch.com .


Sean GilliganAuthor Bio

Sean Gilligan is a UK based entrepreneur and author of the book “Flexible”. Sean for the last 15 years has run Webanywhere in Chicago, Leeds and Katowice Poland. Sean is number 67 in the Worldwide Listing of Corporate Learning Movers & Shakers 2018. Sean is a bootstrapper and has not taken on outside capital to grow Webanywhere in 3 countries and has recently founded Ventures Anywhere his start up arm which includes Sound Branch.