Sound Branch in your Workplace

With the rise of the gig economy and more knowledge workers based at home how do you maximise team productivity and connectivity?

Formal online meetings have their place and are necessary for various cadence within your business. However, more often than not these meetings interrupt the flow of work being delivered for your customers.

With the rise of voice technology including smart speakers, connected cars and mobile phones more businesses are adopting bring your own device policies within the workplace.

Sound Branch is a new platform which enables you to connect to your workforce using the power of the voice. Legacy systems including ERP, CRM are complimented by this voice technology. Sound Branch acts as the glue keeping your remote workers engaged and informed.

The Sound Branch business console allows you to add, edit and delete users, create groups, change settings and gives you business insights with conversational analytics. You can also search all the conversations going on in your business.

All good business leaders know that you must get your people talking. Sound Branch using modern technology enables this  and saves time and money in the process.

Using Sound Branch we believe you can reduce your email consumption by up to 40% and reduce meetings by up to 50%. We’ve all been there when an online meeting or conference call does not start on time. These situations can be mitigated entirely. Sound Branch allows you to have just in time meetings and all the meeting minutes are automatically transcribed for approval and distribution as soon as the meeting closes.

Your business branding and corporate look and feel can be applied to Sound Branch to make it seamlessly integrate with your intranets, G Suite, Office 365 and platforms. This gives users a seamless experience to your audio messaging forums.

We can all speak faster than we can type. The voice gives you a motion and therefore allows you to really understand how your teams are feeling. Understanding all of this means you can drive performance, engagement, happiness and therefore productivity.

Finally, as all businesses are people businesses you can use Sound branch as a candidate management system. External candidates are asked to create a Sound Branch account and then to create an audio profile. You can then play each candidates’ skills education and experience instead of doing a traditional telephone interview.  Again this means you can save lots of time by avoiding telephone interviews. Between interviews candidates can be kept warm and feedback can be given to unsuccessful applicants. Candidates can also give you references through audio testimonials.

In the fight for talent Sound Branch allows you a new way to acquire talent and keep your talent. This point of difference will give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

So what’s stopping you get started today with Sound Branch voice notes today and accelerate your business with the speed of sound.

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