Podcasting Made as Easy as 123

Today we’re launching Sound Branch, featuring a new mobile app built for effortless podcast creation (free for Apple iPhone and Android Phones), a brand new website soundbranch.com with creation tools and audio inbox, and unlimited podcast hosting that’s 100% free. It’s the easiest way to get started podcasting.

Podcast are now in the mass market but like radio podcasts are difficult for people to create. Sound Branch makes podcast creation easy letting you focus on your creativity. Current podcasting tools are expensive, difficult to use and confusing. Sound Branch simplifies podcasting and makes it social. Podcasts can be created for the public or can be created privately in groups.

So we built Sound Branch as a social audio platform for voice.

Sound Branch removes all of the difficulty of getting podcasts made and shared.

With a new mobile app, web tools, and 100% free podcast hosting for everybody, Sound Branch is the place to create podcasts you’re a professional or a beginner getting started out.

A new mobile app made for podcasting

Sound Branch’s free app for Apple iOS and Android designed for making a podcast, right from your phone. The moment you open up the app you are taken to the timeline where you can create seeds which are 10 second audio clips from which you other users can branch. Audio can be public and searchable on the timeline or can be put into private groups where only people you invite can listen. All audio is transcribed to text making it searchable.

Users on Sound Branch can send each other private 1 to 1 voice messages and all users can create audio profiles with their skills, experience, education and background.

All seeds and branches can have images attached making your audio come to life. There is now a new feature for building audio slideshow which can be shared and is a cheaper way of creating engaging multimedia over video. This can then be shared on major social media networks as Twitter cards or on Facebook and other platforms.

Easy to use web tools for making podcasting simple

With Sound Branch, you can now make or manage your podcasts with ease. The web tools sync seamlessly with our app, making it easy to switch between your desktop browser and mobile app. Start recording on your desktop and finish off on your mobile if you like.

There’s a lot you can do with the new web tools, including:

  • Access your private audio inbox to listen to all your new messages
  • View conversational analytics that let you know what people are talking about on public posts, private groups or in chats
  • Manage all of your audio from the web and see how many people have listened to your clips
  • Create audio slideshows for presentations

Sound Branch gives every user their own audio profile on the web.

Get started now!

If you’ve ever wanted to make a podcast, there’s really never been a better time to get started. No more dealing with the hassle of buying expensive equipment, learning confusing software, paying for file hosting or any of the other annoying aspects of podcast creation and sharing.

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