Voice Comments on Your Website powered by Sound Branch

Sharing opinions on websites already exists through traditional website commenting forms and approvals by publishers. These comments could be a review of products or services to feedback on articles on websites. People want their opinions and thoughts to be heard more than ever. Text comments can be ambiguous.

More and more brands need to connect the online world with the offline world. Most websites have website comment functionality so the blog posts and other types of articles can receive user comments. Whilst this can drive user engagement when it comes to connecting emotionally with your end-users, voice comments have a distinct advantage.

A voice first approach to website comments means that your users can listen and engage with your community in a much richer way. It’s not what the user says but how they say it which matters.

All of this can lead to increased times on site, better user engagement and more customer referrals all of which are good for business.

With 67 million Americans now listening to podcasts on a monthly basis, voice notes on websites allow you to have a more intimate relationship between your brand and your customers.

Just one line of code from Sound Branch allows you to embed voice comments on your website. Sound Branch is free for all businesses to use and the code does not affect page loading times.

Not only can your end users post voice comments on your website, they can also enquire with you using their voice. Click to talk functionality is available so that enquiries can be rooted instantly to your sales and customer service teams. User generated voice comments on your website can build further trust between your brand and your users. Voice is more personal so your users connect better!

Further information can be found at soundbran.ch on how to retain users on your side with voice comments.