50 Reasons to use Sound Branch


Have you ever thought about using Sound Branch on your smartphone with voice notes (like a PTT walkie talkie), text and photo? Here are 50 reasons for you to consider using the app:

  1. 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020
  2. Thinking more and speaking less is what all good leaders know
  3. Allows people to prepare for answers
  4. Playback conversations
  5. No need to take meeting minutes
  6. Reduce your reliance on email
  7. Communicate across time zones avoiding anti-sociable meeting hours
  8. Use conversational analytics to make data based decisions
  9. Measure people’s engagement
  10. Gives people a voice
  11. Get people working outside of silos
  12. Flatten the hierarchy
  13. Communicate the way millennials want to be communicated to
  14. Learn languages in new ways
  15. Get to the customer truth
  16. Use the wisdom of the crowd
  17. Feel the empathy of the human voice
  18. Evidence your work and build a portfolio
  19. Create a podcast on the fly and in the cloud
  20. No need to edit your audio because all audio is in 10 second chunks
  21. No need to script your podcasts
  22. Like and share people’s opinions
  23. Post audio on Twitter using Twitter cards
  24. Create podcasts for all your blogs
  25. Interview people in an innovative new way
  26. Create audio based frequently asked questions
  27. Re-imagine the telephone interview
  28. Create audio profiles with people skills and experiences
  29. Conduct interviews over weeks not set days in time
  30. Improve your communication skills and play back what you have said
  31. Create voice memos and to do reminders
  32. Understand it’s not what somebody says but it’s how they say it
  33. Manage your Salesforce in an innovative way
  34. Better connect your remote workforce
  35. Increase transparency within your organisation
  36. One in four Americans listen to a podcast on a monthly basis
  37. Support staff at the point of need
  38. Understand what’s going on at Ground Zero
  39. Turn some meetings and online meetings into voice messaging conversations to save time
  40. Transfer knowledge between people
  41. Play your audio on Amazon echo and Google home devices
  42. Allow people to connect using their voice in connected cars
  43. One-to-many voicemails so people are kept in the know
  44. Businesses and other organisations are starting to use messaging apps to speak to customers
  45. Giving feedback is no longer a chore
  46. A new innovative way to gain feedback versus the boring online survey form
  47. Remove the time dependency and pressures of a phone call
  48. Powerfully search for keywords in audio conversations
  49. Understand the mood of your key stakeholders and their agenda
  50. The voice is the best human organ of communication, not the fingers – get people looking up away from their smart screens!