Sound Branch for Sales Teams Case Study – Webanywhere

It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges in a business is effective team communication. Whether it’s poor feedback between a manager and an employee or how a business resolves its conflicts, there’s always room for improvement in how a company communicates.

The internal and external sales team at Webanywhere, an award-winning tech company based in Leeds, UK, has been using Sound Branch as a team communication messenger for the last six months. Here are the thoughts and experiences of some of the sales team.

“Sound Branch is a quick and easy way for myself to communicate with my field sales team, I can get an overview of their day without having to play phone tennis throughout the afternoon and into the evening. An email is not very personal and can be interpreted in the wrong way, audio allows people to detect your tone and mood. It also allows for regular short group catch ups, when working hours and travel commitments make team meetings impossible.”

Sam Dixon, Education Manager, Webanywhere

“The implementation of Sound Branch within Webanywhere has not only streamlined communication within our sales team but also inter-departmentally as we now have a quick and easy way to communicate feedback, issues and praise to all departments of the primary division. Our team is split between two different offices in two different countries. Sound Branch has enabled me to create strong relationships with colleagues I have never met, meaning we work as a far more efficient team, delivering a far stronger product.”

“A key benefit that I feel has drastically benefited our team is using Sound Branch to deliver our daily debrief. It means that everyone no matter where they are can relay how their day went, whether a success or not, passing on key information or knowledge gained to the rest of the team. This particularly helps new starters as they can draw from this knowledge base and learn tips and tricks from colleagues that have been succeeding in their role for a number of years.”

Luke Clarke, E-Learning Consultant, Webanywhere

“Sound Branch has helped us to develop a convenient, consistent foundation of communication for the team. Before, we’d have to wait until people were in the office to hear what’s new – restricting us to idle chatter. Now, we get personalised insight on how everyone’s doing each day, paving the way for our team to learn from each other’s perspectives. Up until you try it, you don’t realise how simple it is – I’d have never expected the voice was the ‘next step’ for social media at work. It really shows just how much you can learn in so little time. For us, it’s redefined how long ten seconds actually is.”

Dan Boyd, Business Development Manager, Webanywhere

“Sound Branch has been a pivotal tool used company wide for the past 6 months. During that time communication has been massively increased worldwide connecting our company offices around the world. With a wide range of uses like end of the day debriefs, brainstorming branches and private voice notes, communication between members of staff has never been easier and more efficient. Not only is it incredibly easy to use it also has a professional look and feel that fits in with any business. Sound Branch is a must have in any business where communication is key. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Michael O’Donnell, Business Development Manager, Webanywhere

“Sound Branch has changed the way that we communicate, here at Webanywhere for the better. Innovation is easily summarised with this quote ‘There’s a way to do it better’ – I believe Sound branch is the key to improving corporate communication, not only on a small scale but it has application for every level. The 10 seconds it allows, makes each message concise and informative, it allows no room for misguidance or bumble. The public page is a perfect home for the learning animal, branching the user into a world of information and curiosity. Plant your own seed and watch it grow, as the many users all with a passion for growth, comment and leave their ideas. Sound Branch has become the foundation on which our sales communication is built on and i look forward to seeing it compliment other companies, as it has ours so well.”

Jordon Bolton, E-Learning Consultant, Webanywhere


The ability of Webanywhere to communicate with Sound Branch was crucial to their success. The app dramatically improved the quality of communication between sales executives and management, which led to increased effectiveness and efficiency.

As the ultimate communication solution Sound Branch can help you transform your business. Get in touch with us today.