Why there is no need for scripting in modern day podcasting

There are many things you need to consider in order to create a popular podcast. For example, the audio equipment for producing high-quality audio and a room, perhaps, which is sound dampened to ensure there is no echo.

When you are recording your audio it is worth making sure your computer’s volume is at 70% and that the gain on your microphones is at around 60%. This way, if your listeners want to increase the volume of your podcast they can.

Setting the scene for your podcast, making sure the narrator reads with enthusiasm and excitement are all aspects of best practice.

So scripting is yet another hurdle to creating an authentic podcast. Now, if you can remove the need for a script it becomes the cheapest method of producing media. No scripts mean podcasting is cheaper than blogging and its video counterparts.

By eliminating scripting and the need to edit the audio you can mass produce podcasts just-in-time. So how is this humanly possible? What would you need to do to avoid scripting and audio editing?

Now I’m not saying you don’t need to plan your podcast. Nor am I saying you don’t need to think about what you are going to say or read around a subject in question but by using Sound Branch you can accelerate the speed of production of podcasting and make podcast creation accessible to all.

So how does it work? Well, the key principle is that all audio is recorded in 10-second bites. Narrators can re-record these 10-second bites, playback, and only post when they are happy with the quality. So the pattern goes somewhat like this. Think, speak for 10 seconds and post, think, speak for 10 seconds and post.

To grab the attention of audiences, it is good to change your voice in a podcast, and Sound Branch allows other people to contribute to a concept of seeds and branches. You start with a 10-second seed, which can be posted using your SoundBranch.com account or your Sound Branch mobile app. The mobile app is free to download on Google Play for Android and the Apple App Store for iPhone users. From a 10 second seed, either yourself or other users can branch with further 10 second recordings on the subject in question.

So there is no need for audacity or Adobe Audition. All you need is a computer with a microphone built in, which most modern laptops have these days, or alternatively a smartphone with an internet connection. Your audio is recorded and posted on the cloud and Sound Branch is hosted on scalable and secure AWS technology.

And finally, you can create a podcast that is non-linear in nature. This means listening to a seed and then navigate off different branches to consume differing stories. So you don’t need fancy software or to script anyone, you can get podcasting straight away. All your podcasts are discoverable by SoundBranch.com because all voice notes are converted to text. So people can simply Sound Branch your thoughts and start listening to what you have to say from anywhere around the world!