How to Get People Interested in Your Business in Just 10 Seconds

To everyone, ten seconds is a very short space of time. Think of what you usually do in ten seconds. You can tie your shoes, post a letter, open a door. But what if you could sell your business? There are countless theories about how you can make every moment of the day mean something, and most come to the same conclusion: it isn’t the time scale that matters, it’s what you do with it. Imagine if you could get more done in ten seconds than most people get done in a lifetime, all with a simple voice clip. Sound Branch aims to help you with just that, providing you with the stage you need to get people interested in your business.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of how you can attract people to your business using the Sound Branch app:

What are you advertising? This may sound like a silly question, but it’s one so many seem to miss the mark on. You want to get to the crux of what you’re selling- whether that be a product, collaboration, or your core message. For example, if you’re a charity, your business sells itself on ethical practices, and it won’t be your services that are the selling point of your company. Therefore, there’s no need to elaborate within your ten seconds if it won’t help promote your business. Simplify it, strip it down, and say exactly what it is that will get your market interested in you.

Say something people haven’t heard before – In the business world, people hear a lot of white noise. Many often promise the same thing, and even if they’re not, it’s easy to tune out of what they’re saying because of how they’re saying it. Ask yourself what makes your business different, what makes it useful to people, and zone in on that. Try to avoid slipping into sounding like every other business, but also pay attention to what works- it’s okay to gather inspiration. To make sure you know how it sounds, it’s worth recording your clip and running it by people who can help. This way, you can finely tune it to stand out from the crowd.

Be specific – You’ve been hearing it since your days learning how to write essays, and it’s a principle that will be floating about for the rest of your working career. Try and be as specific as possible. Think of the ten seconds as your headline, your jingle, the first thing your target market will see. If you’d prefer to be short and snappy, choose words that have the most impact and emphasise them; if you want to convey as much information as you can in your short space of time, avoid filler words where possible. Try not to pause, be as clear as you can, and most importantly slow down. It won’t get you anywhere if you speak too fast for people to hear, or are mumbling into the microphone. You can always replay it, or re-record it until it sounds perfect.

Be accessible – Headlines account for 90% of advertising dollar, so if you’re treating your voice clip as such, you’ve got to get it right. This is where Sound Branch doesn’t just help with giving you your ten seconds. Your voice notes can go anywhere, either on your public feed, into group chats, or to one person, so it’s wise to think about who you’re targeting. Once you’ve nailed this, you can choose your words and your tone of voice to match your audience, personalising it to make your business as accessible as you want it.

To start making your ten seconds count, make sure to download Sound Branch.