Why Sales Directors will fall in love with Sound Branch

Let’s face it, texts are not always the best form of communication. You’ve probably struggled to convey your emotions or figure out the true feelings of others through text messages. How many hours upon hours have you wasted with your fingers fixing words and phrases to get it just right? So often, texts mask the true meaning of the original intent. As a busy sales director, you need to implement national sales plans and supervise regional sales managers with the utmost organization. Your time, energy and effort are always being tested.

Well, there’s a new voice notes app called Sound Branch that looks very promising. It will literally take the burden of text away, and personalize what should really be personal. The concept is pretty simple – but highly effective. Just say what you want in 10 seconds and your recording is converted to text. It’s quick and to the point. No more wasting time pecking away on the keyboard. Communication can be private or public. For example, create audio and correspond back and forth with a sales manager – a single private conversation. Need more than one person involved in the discussion? The groups chat feature is the way to go. Want to go completely public? With this option, you can actually have all your texts be a part of a “public timeline”, that anyone on the web can see.

The really cool thing is that all of your text conversations are searchable! Want to refresh your memory on a topic you discussed at a previous meeting? No problem, just enter a few keywords and your conversation will pop up. Your meeting was recorded and everyone has access so there are no questions as to what was discussed.

Sound Branch lets you use your voice to say it with heart! It gives you a place where everyone is on your level and we can all be within reach. Ten seconds is just enough time to keep it concise and to the point! Eliminate rambling and unnecessary chatter. It’s all about just getting down to business.

For Sales Directors this is very convenient to use among your sales team and even with clients. Sound Branch will allow you to reduce the number of back and forth emails and the amount of meetings you have to manage and attend. If you have remote workers overseas, using the app can be a real time saver with keeping up with tasks. In fact, research has shown that people prefer to use voice messaging at home to in the office, something Sound Branch allows you to do seamlessly while you are out and about from the office.

The Sound Branch app is free and is available via the Apple store,  or via Google Play. You can also go directly to soundbranch.com.

Once you’ve signed up, you can create your public Sound Branch profile by simply speaking about your education, experience, skills, certificates and interests. You can then share your profile on social media thru your profile page link. All of your messages will be stored at https://soundbranch.com.
Sound Branch can provide powerful search, both web-based and in-app recording, analytics and dashboards, private group, chat and public voice messaging, audio profiles, speech to text and instant notifications.

So, there you have it. Sound Branch truly is the Voice Messaging App for Sales Directors! If you are ready to supervising your regional sales managers, manage remote teams more effectively, and reduce the need for meetings and missed phone calls, this voice messaging app is definitely worth checking out. The voice of your world is always with you, no matter where in the world you are.

Download Sound Branch and get started with better communication today. Grow your voice at soundbranch.com.

In a Nutshell:
Soundbranch is a similar experience to using email, but way better as you simply use your voice as opposed to your fingers. Sound Branch is a faster way for your team to keep in touch. Discuss your projects, share ideas and make decisions… faster.