Your Business Best Friend

In a world where businesses are growing at an unprecedented rate, the need for new employees is inevitably climbing alongside them. With this burst comes a demand for quick and effective recruitment tools to match their fast-paced environments. Enter Sound Branch, a new app with the aim of making the hiring process as smooth as possible – for both prospective candidates and recruiters.

We understand that it’s hard to move away from what companies are used to, but we’ve put together a few reasons why Sound Branch may just be the key to getting round those pesky problems that keep cropping up.

#1- It’s Quick

From setting up to becoming a full fledged user, everything about Sound Branch is designed to be quick. Sign up with your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts in just a few clicks, follow your contacts, then send your voice notes. It’s as easy as that.

With 10 second recording windows, you are forced to be concise. The information you send becomes more efficient, making the whole process much quicker. For those worried about rambling on, and for those who are worried about details being missed out, you can always send more than one voice clip. Or, even better, use the text box above your recording to write anything you’ve missed. It’s this beautifully quick interface that allows things like preliminary interviews, or even full interviews, to be carried out within minutes, making it easier for everyone involved.

#2- Giving Feedback is No Longer a Chore

In 2015, only 41% of interviewees received feedback from prospective employers, leaving a whopping majority without feedback. And this is a problem that is only worsening. In fact, as Alexandra Levit says, “unfortunately, [the practice of not contacting a candidate if they aren’t chosen for the position] is the norm.” With reasons reasons ranging from lack of time, to other priorities taking hold in the business, typing up a detailed response to candidates is becoming less attractive to employers.

This is where Sound Branch can help. It removes the faff of writing an email, and the temperamental nature of phone calls. Instead, you record their feedback into ten seconds of speech- and that’s it. With employees being four times more likely to consider an employer if they’ve been given feedback, this ultimately benefits both parties, and means that job updates, good or bad, can be sent in an instant.

#3- Removes the Pressure of a Phone Call

These days, it comes as no surprise that 92% of adults admit to being nervous before an interview, with 15% being concerned about giving the right answer. It’s a fear that invokes exam fever. You work hard for it, but then have it thrown away in a few minutes just because the right answer wasn’t in your head at the right moment. For both parties, this hardly seems like the best way to know you’re considering the right person.

While Sound Branch is aimed at promoting fast business, the most unexpected- but often useful aspect- is that you can send and record in your own space, in your own time, not just on the spot. Replay it back and re-record if you need to, tweak that word you’re unsure on. Take a deep breath, and give the best answer, your best self, to your prospective employer.

#4- Makes the Workplace a Social Hub

It’s not just in the recruitment process that Sound Branch helps. From the get-go, cultivating a positive environment in the workplace is essential. So much so, that studies have found that 70% of people with good social relationships live longer, and what better place to start than in the workplace?

A better working environment attracts more interest, and therefore higher-grade applicants. In turn, this helps a business run in the best way it can. Sitting at your desk to email the person in the next room, or running into trouble when someone can’t turn up to work one day is the epitome of this problem. This is something Sound Branch can help with. At the end of the day, debrief your team in personalised huddles, brainstorm ideas, or update those who have missed out. All in the most conveniently social way possible.

At the end of the day, Sound Branch does exactly what it aims to do, and gets things done, and is the perfect app to complete your modern day business.

If you aren’t sure just yet, make sure to try it out for yourself here.