Sound Branch and the 5 Moments of Need

Now more than ever, companies need to focus on innovative workflow solutions for learning. This is a great way to reduce wasted time employees spend looking for information. Interventions at the point of need on the job can dramatically improve the performance of your business.

Staff need to understand the process, the problem and to have access to micro-learning content to improve competency on the job.

The forgetting curve demonstrates that after formal e-learning or staff training a decline of memory retention in time occurs. If employees don’t apply the knowledge – they forget it.

The 70:20:10 model for learning means that 70% of the learning is on the job, 20% is coaching and 10% is the formal learning.  Businesses need to build and implement fast learning solutions for adaptive learning and performance support.

Innovative systems such as Sound Branch can decrease learning time by 50%.

Sound Branch is a next-generation social learning tool based on the power of the voice. It helps businesses to retain and transfer knowledge which can be lost due to staff churn and the fast pace of change in a new age of business.

Businesses need to train, transfer and sustain knowledge through circulation systems such as Sound Branch or other tools which can be used by learners at critical points in the workflow as points of reference.

The most important issue is the application of knowledge.  Employees want on demand information guides with minimal support.  Sound Branch can orchestrate this. Learners want to know the steps, the detail and then practice what they have learnt. Social learning tools allow staff and managers to understand what’s been the most downloaded and what’s been most liked. This can help create accurate business intelligence reports to further help companies adapt and change their businesses to increase workflow. 

All voice notes captured within Sound Branch are converted into searchable text. The main advantage of this is that keywords searches can be conducted on particular issues to help workers revise in their times of need.