Sound Branch for your Sales Force

If you’re going to build a sales team, you’ll need some sales specialists. And most salespeople fall into different brackets. Largely, the four types of salespeople you’ve got are: inside salespeople versus outside salespeople and business development versus account management.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter what type of salesperson you are,  you have a number of phone calls to make during the working day. Sometimes these calls can be scheduled conference calls or sometimes calls out of the blue.

Out of the blue calls often lead to voicemail because the person in question – the decision maker – is either at lunch or in another meeting. Our top sales professionals know you should leave quality voicemails for the customer or indeed the prospect.

Those voice notes often sound like a sales pitch and quite often it is a salesperson following up with a prospect to see where they might be within the sales cycle.

But what if the voicemail was different? Instead of one person pitching to an individual, how about many people having that ability? Instead of it just being the salesperson how about other types of experts to strengthen the quality of the voicemail. All the people that could be on the voicemail might be product experts or technical experts in pre-sales. Other people that could be included might be technical support, product trainers or even perhaps the finance department. Having many people on the voicemail is very much different to the traditional voicemail that you and I are used to. So why should we change?

Sales is about driving up the average order value, generating more meetings, or indeed increasing the conversion rate. Increasing the quality of the voicemail and turning it into education podcasts should help drive all three of these key performance indicators.

And a final thought. What if voicemails were responded to by the buyer themselves? What if these massive online conversations between buyers and sellers were shared with the key decision-makers? How would this affect the sale cycle and the speed to close the deal?

You can learn more about Sound Branch a new innovative voice social media application by visiting the website below. Sound Branch is the world’s first nano podcasting platform. Use the platform to record audio in just ten seconds.