Voice Messaging App Reinvents The Telephone Interview

The Traditional Approach

A traditional interview process involves an applicant applying directly to a job via a job board or an agency.

These candidates are then filtered first by review of the CV and then by telephone interview before face to face interviews are arranged.

What if you combined the CV and the telephone interview?

How much quicker would it be to filter candidates and what efficiencies could be achieved?

This is where voice messaging app such as Sound Branch comes in. Candidates create a Sound Branch profile by downloading the voice notes app for iOS or Android.

Users can then register for their profile with 1 click sign in via Google, Facebook or Twitter and start recording an audio profile.

Audio profiles include a person’s education, skills, work experience and other interests. Instead of a soulless CV with no personality, the audio profile humanises the CV and brings it to life.

For The Candidate

The candidate has an opportunity to pitch to recruiters and companies who they would not ordinarily be about to reach. For the HR and talent management team, this is a more compelling way of filtering out candidates on fit, attitude and relevancy of experience.

For The Recruiter

One of the biggest challenges for a traditional recruiter is that the best time to call candidates is not during the working day which can lead to anti-sociable working hours.

Using Sound Branch for recruitment and job hunting is a new and different way of re-imagining the recruitment process.

You can tell a lot about someone from their LinkedIn profile picture but you can learn a lot more by listening to their voice. Voice messaging for recruiters means less anti-social timings for telephone interviews and an overall better experience for the candidate.