Sound that Reaches the Heart of the Matter

We have all been talking only to be interrupted and lost our train of thought. Everyone does it from time to time  because we feel we have understood the point a person is making and respond before they have a chance to finish their sentence.

Ever been in a meeting and it is dominated by one person? The point of any meeting is to have the right people in the room and the collective contributions can solve any issue that, what can I contribute are presented. The domineering person doesn’t learn a lot when they talk for half an hour and does not listen. There must be a better way.

So what if we killed off the unnecessary interruptions and everyone had only 10 seconds to get to the point. This is what Sound Branch does. The advantages are profound. Gone is the dominating single voice who thinks they know it all. The single voice transforms into the wisdom of the crowd.

Imagine a conference call everyone can have their say in 7 second sound bites. People respond using audio clips and nobody needs to make meeting minutes as this is all stored online.

We all forget what we said 1 month ago or 2 months ago. This is natural for the human brain and we have short term and long term memory. Sound Branch means that your voice notes live on forever! Years from now you will be able to look back at a point in time and reflect. Sound Branch gives you authenticity of real voices of real people in real time.