Sound Branch makes it easy for people to communicate from anywhere in the world, whenever it’s convenient for them.

Voice messaging

Handsfree Safe Communication

You can’t check email and Slack when you are driving. People driving on the busy motorway don’t want the distraction of emails pinging in the car. However, lots of time spent in the car is dead time and can be spent more productively.

Better connect your sales force with voice messaging.

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reduce administration

Faster communication

Reduce Administration

Your top sales people don’t like administration in the CRM and composing length emails to management. Voice notes offer a means for richer faster communication.

Sentiment analysis

Improve your Emotional Intelligence

Management can understand the wins in the team and reach out when sales reps need help and support. Emojis tagged against voices notes gives managers not just the ability to listen to the voice of a sales person but to understand the message.

sentiment analysis

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