Frequently asked questions

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You can record voice notes on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Voice notes can also be composed using leading browsers such as Microsoft edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Safari is not supported by web RTC, therefore you can listen to voice notes via Safari but you cannot record.

Voice notes can be played on mobile apps, web browsers and also smart speakers such as Alexa and Google devices.

The default duration of Sound Branch voice notes is 10 seconds. Branded voice sites powered by Sound Branch have flexible durations which can span at two minutes in length.

Speech to text accuracy is 96% which is as good as human beings.

Sound Branch is hosted on AWS and is therefore resilient and secure. IWS host services such as Netflix and HTTPS is used to ensure the connections are encrypted.

Sound Branch is hosted by AWS and its data centres across the world. We are also GDPR are compliant.

All content and user accounts can be deleted by the user. Therefore you are able to remove all information on yourself from the system.

Alongside bad word filters users can report abuse which is then on flight with our security team.

Amazon Echo devices and Google Home smart speakers are supported. Other devices which support Alexa and Google assistant will also play nicely with Sound Branch.

You can conduct voice search on the mobile apps, the web and three smart speakers. For example, you can say Alexa ask Sound Branch to search Chicago, or OK Google ask Sound Branch to search New York.

You can share content on Sound Branch to Twitter via Twitter cards and also on productivity software such as Slack. The document management on Sound Branch allows you to attach Google Docs to voice notes using Google Drive.