Frequently asked questions

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No. There’s nothing to stop you simply listening to people who you follow and who follow you (although here at Sound Branch we think the more voices that are shared, the better).

The use of 10 second audio clips gives a warmer, more authentic social media experience whilst simultaneously bypassing the problems associated with text. We like to think that Sound Branch offers a more immediate and human alternative form of communication.

At the heart of the Sound Branch experience is the user and with this in mind we wouldn’t like to place limitations on the usage of the app. However, in our testing stages we’ve seen the app been used for conversation between friends…

At first, 10 seconds can seem like an unnecessary limitation. But we’ve thought long and hard about the way people speak, listen and how people best get their point across. 10 seconds allows the user time enough to say what they want directly and concisely and also means the listener isn’t overburdened. But if you really, really need a little more time to get your message out there, you can always continue it over a number of clips.